Local partner for your international activities

Capitalizing on attractive export (or import) opportunities need not be a victim of fluctuating exchange rates. Mastering this risk will support your international growth.  Though currency risk management has a cost, not managing risk can be far more costly.  


As companies seek to grow in foreign markets, a strong currency risk management policy is a key component of good governance, supporting profitable and sustainable growth. For any business, D-Risk FX Budget & BI, is a vital asset in a competitive market.

SME exporters and/or importers...

TREASURISKS works in partnership with companies operating in foreign markets.


On an ad hoc basis, TREASURISKS can work with a company whose overseas activities are established, or with newcomer to export / import business with a genuine growth potential.​

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... looking to integrate their risk management to their presence in foreign markets

​​To be successful, both the evaluation process and ongoing risk management are dependent on the following:


  • The staff, the information and the time dedicated to identify, assess and manage risk exposures of the company


  • The knowledge and experience in the financial markets including:

    • Monitoring market developments and trends

    • Understanding financial products 

    • Hedging techniques and strategies

    • Executing transactions and tracking results

SME often do not have the luxury of dedicated and specialized resources for this, even when risk management is a key element of business strategy.  


Take charge of your foreign exchange risk management by offering yourself the experience and expertise of D-Risk FX Budget & BI. For a fraction of the cost of a specialized and dedicated in-house resource, become autonomous.