What we do?

TREASURISKS offers you D-Risk FX Budget & BI, a SaaS platform that allows SME involved in importing and/or exporting to monitor in real time the impact of foreign exchange risk on the company's financial statements and profitability.

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The foreign exchange risk management policy avoids dealing with the risk and the pricing policy of the company on an ad hoc basis, i.e.:

  1. Knowing when the foreign exchange risk enters the operating cycle. 

  2. Determine the amount of exposure to foreign exchange risk.

  3. Provide clear guidelines on how to protect against it.

D-Risk FX Budget and BI //
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Tool dedicated to SME managers to monitor and better control the performance of their companies by incorporating the guidelines of their currency risk management.

D-Risk not only allows you to establish your budget and your hedging strategies, but also to monitor them and perform scenario analyzes in order to assess the robustness of your business model.

Become autonomous in your currency risk management. Cloud-based application that allows simple pricing that is accessible to all SME without an initial investment.

Your foreign exchange risk management policy, from idea to action
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Operating Cycle //

A foreign exchange risk management policy that’s directly tied to operational activity … a dynamic process following the unique operational characteristics of your business.

Treasury Cash
Flow //

The focus is on the anticipated and realized cash flows, with a separate flow analysis to explicitly identify the financial consequences of the currency risk taken, or the currency risk mitigated.

Scope of Risk //


Assessment includes an estimate of the extent of the currency risk, with a clear methodology to identify, list and compile risks of a similar nature, as well as a risk tolerance definition - all are components of a robust risk management strategy.

Strategy //


The intent is to reduce volatility in your income statement and future cash flows, with a foreign exchange risk management strategy that consistently addresses both the commercial dynamics of the firm and its operating cycle.

Instruments //

Currency hedging can be an effective tool to mitigate exposures when adapted to the characteristics of the company, the sector, and the specific circumstances.

Execution //


TRESORISK can execute the transactions on your behalf, through your relationship banks, for the implementation of your foreign exchange risk management strategy. 

The currency market is the same for everyone, your operating cycle is unique.